How to Configure Full Internet Access On BlackBerry(Without BES)

>> Saturday, December 18, 2010

Run Internet(GPRS) on any Blackberry Device Without Subscribing BlackBerry Internet Service)

  • Run BES-required Internet software without BES!
  • Instant Messaging, AIM, ICQ, MSN (Verichat, WebMessenger, IM+, etc.)
  • Full HTML web browsing ability (Reqwireless, BlackBerry Browser, etc.)
  • IRC chatting (virca, wlirc, etc.)
  • telnet/ssh (Idokorro, etc.)
  • No BES needed! No MDS needed!
Easy 1-2-3 Instructions:
  1. Upgrade your BlackBerryOS
    You need BlackBerry with OS 3.8 or later. If you have an older version of BlackBerryOS, please download and install it on your BlackBerry first.
  2. Configure your BlackBerry APN & Your Carrier
    On the BlackBerry handheld, go to Options -> TCP
    There is a new option in BlackBerryOS 3.8 and later. Then fill in APN with the APN provided by yuor Service Provider. If no username or password is provided, leave these blank. If only a username is provided, then leave in the password. Also, ignore the Gateway IP address, unless your Blackberry specifically has a textbox to enter the IP address in. "APN" means "Access Point Name". for airtel it w'd be for BSNL it w'd be bsnlnet
  3. Run your BlackBerry Internet Software
    Once you have filled this information, your Internet applications should work on your BlackBerry. TCP/IP makes Internet software work, including chat software: Verichat, WebMessenger, IRC, Telnet/SSH, Web browsing, etc. For Web Browsing Opera is the best which runs on Socket based.
Occasionally, some applications on the BlackBerry need to have the gateway or APN information entered directly into them. This is not common.