Handling Office Document on BlackBerry Device

>> Saturday, March 12, 2011

Documents to Go is a suit of software which contains a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and PDF viewer. You won't be able the get these software unless you buy them.
But a free version of documents to go is bundled in the Blackberry OS 4.5 onwards. The free version if you don't already have them contains only Word to Go and SlideShow to Go but the missing feature is that it does not covers Sheet to Go(SpreadSheet). Bellow are some instructions on how to get Sheet to Go (Spreadsheet).
  1. Upgrade your phones OS to 4.5
  2. The upgrade should install Documents to Go, now you need to upgrade it to get Sheet to Go from your Handset.
  3. Click on documents to Go and click on word to Go. Click on the menu key and look for the update option.
  4. It will now force you to register, if you wish you can register free to get future benefits like upgrade offers, newsletters.
  5. Download & Install the Updated Software from site(approx 3mb).
  6. Lastly to avoid your Desktop Manager from reverting your upgrade to your old version of Documents to navigate to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\Your_Device_Folder.
  7. Rename DocumentsToGo.alx to DocsToGo.old.
  8. Make a Backup of your Device for Future Use.
Now you're able to Use Spreadsheet Feature with your BlackBerry.